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A comprehensive and intuitive gateway to setup and manage your organization on PlotAlong. Enables digitization of your sales assets and sales offerings. Meaningful dashboards and configurable reports enable you to manage your work better.


A lightweight and non-intrusive sales management system designed for real estate business that seamlessly integrates with the Portal. Designed to work with standard real estate sales process, enhancing customer experience and sales effectiveness without burdening the sales person.


A smart app to showcase your offerings and manage your customer interactions on the move. Optimized for use on tablets and can be used even if connectivity is unavailable. Features to ensure data protection with an ability to disable the app remotely..



our   STORY

Simple folks, a plethora of ideas, a desire to make a difference, an aspiration to build a successful business born as PlotAlong. We bring together thought leadership, a pragmatic approach to solutioning and an extensive experience in IT to build products for the real estate industry which help revitalize your business and is simple and fun to use.



Brain to be creative and focussed towards building and enhancing the product to bring value to our shareholders; Ears to listen to customers; Hands to execute and create the best product; Feet to go the distance with our customer; Heart to ensure that our team enjoys the ride; Eyes to see further than demanded; Soul to be grateful towards our enablers and society at large.



Feverishly supporting the Open Source technology stack, the product is primarily developed using tested technologies such as Laravel, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL and a few other technologies which provide a value proposition to the customer. At the same time we continue evaluating other tools and technologies which bring more value to the customer.


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